All Handfed baby birds.

Our pride in our bird selection is evident upon your first visit.  We’ve devoted a large amount of space and interactive environments so you may see and play with our birds in the most natural setting possible.  Our cast of characters range from the tiny finch family to the majestic macaws.


We offer the highest quality of nutrition available for our feathered friends:

Birds need play time – we provide the toys!  Woofmeow stocks one of the most complete selection of bird toys in the United States.  Once again, carefully selected for their quality, value and “fun factor”… if it doesn’t exist, we’ll have it made!

Full selection of supplements for optimum health and vitality.  Bird Enthusiasts know we’ve got it all.

Cage selection that is not from a catalog but rather IN-STOCK and assembled so you may see the quality construction and fun features available on each model.  Have a look at our selection of java trees & perches!  Your bird never had it so good!


Bird Boarding –  Going on vacation?  Power outage again?  WoofMeow has a specialty built bird boarding room with fun colors and toys for them to play with while they are away from home.  Our staff prepares the finest meals for our guests even over holidays!  Stop by to see just where your bird will have his overnight visit while you are away.

“All” birds sold in our store from the tiniest budgie, to the majestic macaws, are disease tested and are sold with a health certificate at no additional cost. Any bird here can be DNA sexed for a nominal fee as well.  We take our birds seriously!