Cats and Kittens:

For most of our lives, nearly all of us have felt the love and affection of a cat.  From the playful kittens to the senior group of lay-around-all-day furry felines, they make up a large part of our lives.  We feel the health and comfort of our four legged friends is an integral part of the human-pet bond.


Specializing in feline nutrition, we offer all the major brands of cat foods.  Whether it’s dry, canned, wet, freeze dried or frozen, you’ll find the right formula for your feline.  Not sure about the best selection for your special one?  Ask one of our experts for advice.

Cats need playtime – woofmeow provides the play toys and cat furniture!  We boast one of the largest selection of fun time toys available.  We are constantly searching for the funnest toys and yummiest treats.


We help with all those pesky situations that we humans have come to dislike.  Whether it be marking their territory, or scratching and destroying furniture we can help provide solutions to the negative situations of kitty ownership.