Dogs: Man’s (or Woman’s) best friend!

Who could ask for a more faithful companion?  Our dogs are our lives.  From the first puppy breath kiss that will forever remain in your memories to the senior dog who has provided loving companionship for years and years.  We believe the pet parent has a special bond that cannot be broken with their loving pet.  Really, whoever said that diamonds are a girls best friend anyway?  It’s a dog!


Woof Meow is your destination for pet nutrition.  We base our selection primarily on solutions based selections.  We carefully determine why we would recommend a particular dog food more than most would realize.  We love our dogs and use that same criteria in suggesting brands and feeding solutions that meet or exceed most anyone else can visualize.   We believe in offering not just a large selection of premium dry dog food, but rather like to ask the questions to determine how best to suggest a feeding regimen for your pup.   It could be a frozen product would be best for your situation, or we may introduce you to a freeze dried or other alternative diet for those unique situations.   We stand behind our recommendations and our brands 100%.   We would never leave our clients hanging with a situation where “the dog didn’t like it”.   We buy back all of our dog foods so you can feel secure in trying out a different type of food without the risk of a finicky pooch turning up his nose.

WoofMeow wants to be your pets dietary clinician because we strive to ensure the best and take your pets health just as seriously as we would our own.   Period.

Top selection of Frozen Raw Diets

Freeze Dried Pet Foods

Premium and Super Premium Dog Food

Sit. Stay. Play!   We at woofmeow have your dogs back.  We’ve tested nearly every toy on the market to provide our clients with a gigantic selection of interactive, fun to play with toys.  Dogs need to play. Period.  It helps to relieve mental stress and is the preferred way to help them work through the daily stress of being a dog.

  • Rubber Dog Toys
  • Latex Dog Toys
  • Plush Dog Toys
  • Interactive Dog Toys


woofmeow has set up a section for our “little friends”   Who wants a gigantic rope toy when you’ve got a teacup sized body?  We’ve carefully selected mini and toy breed sized selections of many popular lines of:

  • toys
  • dog apparel
  • strollers
  • dishes
  • grooming equipment

all with our little friends in mind.  Stop in, try on an outfit and experience a little pampering in little friends!


  • Self Wash Dog Station
  • Our dog bakery offers up fabulous flavors of gourmet goodies for your dog.  Stop in for a platter or just a single snack!