Reptiles and Amphibians:

A lot of our first experiences with amphibians or reptiles was catching frogs when we were kids.  How appropriate we would still be doing it as adults too?  Reptiles and Amphibians have always held a special place in the pet world.  From being something that we may have been scared of at one time to the realization that they are beautiful and wonderful creatures after all.  How can one group of pets be so mesmerizing and have such a different reaction from each person as this group of scaly, slimy, slippery creatures?  We don’t have that answer, but we’re sure glad they exist.   Today, the herps are one of the most popular pet categories in the United States.  Snakes, bugs, lizards and frogs make up many of the most popular indoor pets today.   We can see why – they’re beautiful!   Got crabs?  We do!  Hermit Crabs are the funnest pet.  See if you can find the one with the Patriots helmet!  Like we said..  it’s a whole lotta fun!


Yes, being a cold blooded reptile can be challenging, but not when you have the proper equipment and environment for them.  woofmeow has in stock the top 4 lines of reptile and amphibian product groups available in the world today.  Stop in and see what cool (or hot!) new herp products are at your disposal.     Not sure what you need?  Ask!  Not sure how warm to keep a bearded dragon?  Ask!  Not sure of what to feed a snake?   Ummm – Well, we do have alternatives if you need!    Their needs are as different as the pets themselves.  We pride ourselves on having the right products for the right pet.

  • Zilla
  • ZooMed
  • Exo Terra
  • Flukers
  • Live Crickets
  • Live Worms
  • Terrariums
  • Heat bulbs and pads
  • Dry Foods
  • UVA – UVB Lighting
  • Terrarium decorations and plants

We stock one of the largest selection of cages available in a store environment.  Stop in and see what they look like up close and real – not from a catalog!


  • Free assembly of all small animal cages purchased at woofmeow
  • Nail clipping
  • Special ordering of unique or desired species of pets not normally available.
  • Boarding services available