Small Animals

Small Fuzzies:

That’s our catch-all phrase for the small wonderful little balls of fur that provide us so much enjoyment. From the cute little mouse, to the intelligent rat and the beautiful cute bunnies, they all catch our eyes and then our hearts. Having a pet to learn responsibility is a big first step for many of our younger clients. We at woofmeow take pet ownership seriously and vow to provide the healthiest and most well socialized pets to our customers. We believe a pet is a wonderful thing and we know you do too.


Small Animals can require a vast array of goodies depending on what type they are. Guinea Pigs need food with Vitamin C and sugar gliders have a very unique diet. Having the experience of our staff at your disposal, you can rest assured that we take all aspects of small animal care to a new level. We offer the best alternative litters and foods if needed to the more traditional diets if that is your preference. Cages? Yeah, we have plenty! Rabbit hutches? Of course! Who doesn’t? Let us show you the amazing things that are available today to help keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe in your care.

  • Super Pet Cages – Midwest Cages – A&E Cages
  • Foods for every small animal – even hedgehogs!
  • Oxbow
  • Sweet Meadow
  • Kaytee
  • Marshalls
  • Eight in One
  • Zupreem
  • Chew Sticks – Treats
  • Water bottles – Bowls – Hay Mangers
  • Rabbit Hutches – Ferret Towers – Specialized Cages for Exotics

We stock one of the largest selection of cages available in a store environment. Stop in and see what they look like up close and real – not from a catalog!


  • Free assembly of all small animal cages purchased at woofmeow
  • Nail clipping
  • Special ordering of unique or desired species of pets not normally available.